Winfield Textile Millss is a well established company specializing in the manufacturing and exporting of high fashion garments since 1999.

From the inception, we have been producing a wide range of clothing’s for men’s, ladies and children.

Our office is situated in Tirupur -The Hosiery town of India, run by a team of well experienced merchandisers, designers and management staff, supported by skilled employees.

With modern equipments, advanced technology, qualified technicians, blended with comprehensive quality management system, our production line has the capacity of making about 200,000 basic T-Shirts per month.

Our products are being exported, mainly to European Countries, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and Portugal, and it has won the NAME from the customers in both local and overseas markets.

We constantly maintain quality and delivery schedules. We follow the adage - integrity is to keep the commitments at any loss and the wisdom is not to make such commitments. We like to keep things fashionable, playful, sturdy and yet affordable.

Winfield Textile Millss is a service provider of trade with the ability to react flexible to the demands of the market and its customers.

Development and production of up-to-date collections as well as their constant high quality are Winfield Textile Millss most important aim and with the help of necessary investments. Winfield Textile Millss will do everything possible to fulfill this commitment also in future.

Winfield Textile Millss hits the pulse of time, with an uncompromising attitude to quality and a unique sense of the trends of time.

We have been producing wide varieties of clothing’s for men’s, ladies and children, and for those who have a sense of style and need to be smarty dressed at work and smooth looking in their leisure time.

We are driven by involvement, enthusiasm and a lot of energy, keeping a constant vigil on quality and fitting ourselves to the changing times, always.

We Respect

We have a good infrastructure to cater to the needs from all kinds of customers’ requirements. We have taken extreme care in integrating core facilities to manufacture knitwear.

The machines that we use are of top quality indigenous machines and imported machines from reputed companies in countries like Europe, Japan, Italy and Far East.

Basic criteria for selection of these machines have been quality of output it can achieve and speed.

Social Responsibility:- Winfield Textile Millss strongly believes in "Give And Ye Shall Be Given"

Every individual, be it a man or a woman or an organization - owes some duties and responsibilities towards the fellow beings and society at large. It is in giving that the greatest pleasure lies in.

We, as an organization, are committed to helping orphans in orphanages, conducting free medical camps, ESI & PF Benefits providing educational support, etc.

We visualize many more social responsibilities in the days to come!!!